Our Process

Scope of Engagement

First, we listen carefully to what our client's needs are to develop a mutuallyagreed upon, compre-hensive scope of engagement, establish deliver-ables, and set a reason-able timeline to accom-plish these objectives.


We schedule regular communications to  assure you are provided with exactly what is nec-essary for you to take ap-propriate action for a successful outcome.

Gather Information 


Next, we determine and gather the information necessary to get a tho-rough understanding of the matter under review.


This may include, financial disclosures, regulatory notifications,  procedure manuals, correspondence, memorandum, portfolio holdings, investment mandates and  any other material offering the details, perspective, con-text and depth for us to most completely under-stand and best frame the  issue. 


All information is kept confidential.   

Then we analyze all the data and related informa-tion provided.

We look at the issue from all perspectives that might be pertinent to forming the best solution or solutions, including financial, compliance, op-erations, procedures and processes. 

Present and Recommend

Finally, we prepare and present a C-Suite / Board Level Presentation and Report based on the original scope of the engagement. 


Our recommendations are prioritized to address immediate concerns and set forth a plan to with readily implement next steps to resolve the defined issue.